Inspired by Magicians of the 19th Century

“Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”

Johann Wolfgang

 von Goethe

Smoke & Mirrors VR

“Like Magicians of the 19th Century,  our goal is to recharge the childlike sense of wonder magic can create through our VR experience!” - James Laudermilk   


Appearing in/on Oculus VR May/June  of 2019!

A first ever in Magic & Virtual Reality!

Ok, here is some incredible use of technology using some Magic! Sure, magic has been performed on Cell phones, IPads, Apps, and even in 360 video but this is a first in Magic! I perform for the first time ever, two magic tricks using Reality & Virtual Reality! How do I know for sure it’s a first you ask? Because I developed the program for Oculus VR myself! No one can copy these tricks in Reality! At least not yet! A first ever in Magic!

Smoke & Mirrors VR News

SMVR in VANISH Magic Magazine!


 The Vanish Magic Magazine article about Smoke & Mirrors VR is now published in their December issue pages 80 & 81! This awesome Magic Magazine has over 125,000 subscribers! The Online version is free! Thank you to all who helped this magical dream come true for me! So excited & very honored!

Read the article about SMVR in Vanish Magic Magazine!

Indie Gamer Magazine interview!


The Indie Gamer Magazine just  published an article on our VR experience "Smoke & Mirrors VR" December 1st in their 5th edition pages 32 - 35.  Their magazine isn't free but you can purchase a digital copy here

Read more about Smoke & Mirrors VR here!

Alan Watson Virtual Magic Theater added!


We added a magic theater to the diversity magic museum with award winning and QSM (Queens Service Medal) magician Alan Watson and 4 generations of his family of magicians!  

Magician Alan Watson on Facebook!

S.A.M. endorses SMVR!


We are working on a private section just for the Society of American Magicians!  We will post a video once we have something created for you to view.  This section in our VR experience will be for S.A.M. Members only!  Thank you S.A.M. for allowing us to include "The worldʼs oldest and most prestigious magic organization”!

Learn more about S.A.M.!

About Smoke & Mirrors VR


You are the Magic!

  In Smoke & Mirrors VR you become the magician and experience what it's like to be on stage performing for our friends and family!  You'll be able to perform various feats of prestidigitation and amaze your friends! 


Experience being the Magician!

Experience the thrill, abilities and events that only a real magician would experience in real life but in virtual reality!  Immerse yourself in a wonderful world of positive magical experiences.  Smoke & Mirrors VR creates the greatest trick of all: making boredom completely disappear.


The Magic of Virtual Reality Magic!

Famed magician, Teller, once said: “At the core of a successful trick is an interesting and beautiful idea that taps into something that you would like to have happen.” Unlike other digital forms of entertainment, Smoke & Mirrors VR's magic environment and experience taps into the childlike sense of wonder in its player and their audience!

Our Magician & other performers Services

Sponsor our Magic VR experience!


Anyone can Sponsor our Magic VR experience! We will put your name in the credits as a Smoke & Mirrors VR Magic Sponsor.  You don't have to be a Magician! 

Anyone can Sponsor our Virtual Reality Magic experience $25.00

Profile Pic Animate to Video Service!


 I  will animate your profile picture into a video and GIF!  Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter & GigMasters options available!  Try Bundle two it's everyone's favorite!

Profile Pic Animate to Video Service!

Short Video to Gif service!


 I will take your short video and turn it into a Gif format picture for you which you can use on GigMasters or other sites!  This service is not the same as the one our Profile pic to Animation service offers.  Videos under 1 minute work best! 

Short Video to Gif service!

SMVR Comments

Magician Jeff Evans


”Nice job, James!  Way to use technology.  This sort of thing is going to be the future.”   Sincerely, Jeff Evans

Meet Magician Jeff Evans!

Magician William Draven


 "I'm excited about Smoke and Mirrors!  This is the next step in virtual entertainment for sure.  James, you are brilliant!"  William Draven

Meet Magician William Draven

Founder Adam Twersky


 “Mr. Laudermilk's brilliant foresight to include an actual marketplace in VR for Magicians to advertise their shows, events & magic shops is a stroke of genius. He is a true pioneer in our field.”   Adam Twersky

Visit and learn how they can help you with VR!

Joe & Shauna Prete


”Explore your new confidence and move past performance anxiety and stage fright.  Smoke and Mirrors VR is a creative and imaginative space where anyone can be the Star of the show.“  Joe & Shauna Prete

Visit Elite Media Group, Inc. Website!

My wish list for SMVR #1!


 I Would love to recreate David Copperfields Magic Museum in VR!

My wish list for SMVR #2!


 I would love to recreate the Magic Castle and other magic societies meeting places inside and out in 3D for VR!

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  • Just a few of the magicians appearing in our VR experience are Kyle & Mistie Knight, Clearance Pearsall, Alan Watson & family, Illusionist Arkado, Misty Lee & Smoke & Mirrors Theater! 

  • This Virtual Reality experience will be available on the Oculus, STEAM & Epic stores where thousands of VR users will be downloading it!

  • If you would like to just donate, we will be using any donations to help us fund our Magic Virtual Reality experience development.  We appreciate your patronage!

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